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Facilities & Infrastructure

Impeccable Teaching Infrastructure in the Heart of Singapore

We at MAGES Institute of Excellence believe in creating a nurturing and vibrant environment for all our students to learn to the best of their abilities, and maximise their creative potential, equipped with a well-stocked library and open workspaces. Together with our lively campus, the people who make up our community at MAGES, particularly our teaching infrastructure has been key in contributing to the creation of a learning environment conducive to growth and development. Our campus and community together ensure that students come to school feeling motivated in their pursuit to master their craft.

Central Location

Center location of MAGES
Location of MAGES
Location Overview of MAGES Center
  • MAGES is situated in the heart of Singapore at SCAPE Orchard. SCAPE is a mere 5 minutes from Somerset MRT station and is well connected by buses, making our campus extremely accessible for commute between other parts of Singapore. Additionally, being in the centre of Singapore’s vibrant shopping district, students have a multitude of food options just minutes away.

Youthful environment

Youthful Environment and chill at MAGES
Beautiful Environment at MAGES
Youthful Environment
  • The MAGES campus is located at SCAPE, a youth-centric space committed to developing the talents and leadership potential of Singapore’s younger generation. A multitude of free working spaces and open areas are catered to youths to gather and practice their art. MAGES is thus situated perfectly in a place that encourages the mastery of their skills.

Vibrant Campus

Interior Campus overview of MAGES
Gallery overview of MAGES
breathtaking overview MAGES
  • The MAGES campus is vibrant and spacious, located at a youth hub in the heart of Singapore. It is also close to the City as well as Mother Nature, ensuring that students feel motivated and comfortable in the school environment.

Classrooms & Digital Facilities

MAGES Classroom structure
MAGES Classroom interior overview
Classroom overview of MAGES
  • Our well-stocked library towers over luscious greenery and offers students with a inspiring view in the midst of their hard work! Students are encouraged to access both the physical and digital library with free wi-fi to expose themselves to unlimited resources for innovation and better learning.
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