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Teaching at MAGES
Industry Experts

Industry Experts

Low Student Lecturer Ratio

Low Student Lecturer Ratio

Personal Attention

Personal Attention

–Here are some of the key strategies that we apply to cater to various learning needs of each one of our students –

Individual Tutorials

With an aim to deliver personalized attention to the progress of every student, you will be able to have at least one one-on-one session with the relevant lecturer for every module you study in each semester. This tutorial enables students to openly discuss their progress, the work they are doing and gain advice on areas that require additional attention.

Group Tutorials

A professor may also choose to organize group tutorials for the entire group or for a smaller group of students to discuss the wider implications of various concepts in a module. These sessions may also be used to discuss difficulties and issues within specific subjects or assignments. These sessions are often professor led but sometimes student led and encouraged for the purpose of generating constructive debate to manage immediate issues that require to be addressed.

Seminars, Lectures, and Practice Sessions

One of our key strengths at MAGES are our highly experienced in-house and visiting lecturers that come with immense knowledge about the current technologies and trends utilized in the world of animation, gaming and design. Our seminars and lectures are designed to provide students with critical insights on emerging industry trends and technical knowledge relevant to their field. All the learning pursued herewith is tracked for effectiveness through assignments, tests and presentations. Our practice sessions allow students to make full use of our learning infrastructure and labs to hone the concepts they have been taught in class.

Guided Projects

Our coursework makes it mandatory for full time students to take up guided projects which enable students to learn how to take on a systematic approach and eventually apply their skills appropriately. Through MAGES, students are given the unique opportunity to work under the guidance of an industry expert or mentor who will show them the way towards creating high quality projects that may have real-life value in their industry of choice. The topic for these guided projects is typically determined by the Academic Board and MAGES.

Tools for enhancing Learning

Leveraging Additional Tools for Enhanced Learning

Over and above the mentioned conventional methods of teaching, MAGES also makes use of problem based learning, extra-curricular activities, case study discussion sessions and role playing to instill certain concepts and professional approaches into the minds of our students. Through holistic learning approaches in the form of studio or industrial visits, events such as game launches and local and international conferences, students are able to venture into the works of the media sector way before they are in the position to take it up professionally.

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