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Despite its long history, Abertay is, without a doubt, one of the most modern universities in the United Kingdom. This Scottish university is the first in the world to offer a degree in Computer Gaming and the first in all of the UK to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence for the programmes offered in the field of Computer Gaming. It is also renowned for its "Dare to be Digital" international competition for students pursuing Computer Gaming.

Students who have successfully completed their Diploma in Game Technology followed by an Advanced Diploma in Game Design/Specialist Diploma in Game Development & Entrepreneurship are eligible to join the BSc Computer Games Application Development course at Abertay University as a third year student.

Successful completion of a Diploma in 3D Animation followed by an Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation also grants eligibility to join the BSc Computer Arts programme at Abertay University as a third year student

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These partnerships will prove to be amazing platforms for our students to extend their learning and widen their perspectives in different parts of the world, having built a strong foundation in Asia’s tech hub, Singapore.

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