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Best Resources for Learning Game Technology

MAGESJune 12 , 2021

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on key resources for some of the most creatively lucrative industries out there? Continue reading to find out…

Gaming has been at the forefront of leisure & entertainment since the start of the 21st century. With Mario & Contra becoming household titles over the globe followed by mighty successes like GTA, Need For Speed, Counter Strike, Assassin’s Creed and many more.

This is followed by the attraction of talented artists in the industry. Today, every gaming enthusiast looks to make a career in gaming.

There are diverse roles including game design, development, storytelling, production, promotions and planning. But the most outstanding role of all time is of a game developer. And this requires a nuanced understanding of the major technology and software used in game creation.

Even many experienced game artists and developers that are creating some awesome games think that the Internet has been a treasure chest of valuable knowledge and education throughout the last decade.

Here we’re going to list down a few relevant places you could look at for learning a little more about gaming technology-

Online courses

There’s no dearth of them.

MOOC websites and apps like Udemy, Cousera and others make it easy to learn the basics of game design & development.

You can find a lot of accessible courses on learning the popular Unity game development engine.

It’s the one used behind successful games like Pokémon Go. You’ll learn all the foundational programming skills when it comes to creating games.

If you find 2D games more interesting to start with your game development journey, you can also take a look at this course called Complete C# Unity Developer 2D Course. It also helps one to learn C#, the most basic programming language from ground up.

Unreal Engine C++ Developer Course is one of the other fundamental courses for those who want to start learning gaming technology and programming. It feeds essential knowledge on C++, the most widely used coding language in game development.

This course also covers a lot of general game design fundamentals like character & environment design, game interface or UX, etc.

If you want to go even deeper and learn some advanced topics and skills to become a seasoned game developer, check this one out- Professional Game Development Training by Game Institute. It’s a full fledged course & education to learn all the necessary programming as well as art/animation know how to start creating games from day one.


There’s no dearth of them either.

You can find amazing content that helps you grasp everything important related to game development. We’ve listed some useful ones below –

  1. Gamasutra: This website covers almost everything there is to learn and stay updated about gaming and game design & development. From the basic tips & tricks for kickstarting your gaming career to advancing to next levels, you’ll find it all. You can stay on top of things when it comes to game design essentials with Gamasutra.
  1. Gamedev: Gamedev is a one-stop destination for all things game development & design. You’ll see a roster of recently published games made by developers. There’s a lot to discover here- from the game dissection & detailed explanation on the latest in game technology to the news in the industry as well as developer’s opinions on game development trends & practices.
  2. Unity Learn: The popular Unity game development engine has also created a whole another web portal for the beginner game developer. The platform provides on-demand learning content to delve deeper into multiple fields within game development- design, art, coding, scriptwriting/storytelling, XR development, 2D/3D game development, film & animation and more.


For a serious and a more conventional learner, there exist a slew of amazing books that go deeper into every topic in game development & design.

If you ask any seasoned developer, they recommend Jesse Schell’s Art of Game Design to get started with the game!

But over the years and decades, a number of insightful books have popped up. Professionals from varied work occupations like design, architecture, computer science, graphics, UX and others have introduced interesting concepts, ideas and methodologies.

Check out some more interesting titles below:

  • Play, How It Shapes the Brain
  • Rules of Play, by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman
  • Brian Sutton Smith
  • Level Up! The Guide To Great Video Game Design
  • Theory Of Fun For Game Design
  • Game Feel
  • Designing Games: A Guide to Engineering Experiences

Final Thoughts

For anyone passionate enough about game design, development or anything within the realm of this exciting industry, there’s no dearth of resources out there. Technology has made it easier to learn what you’re actually passionate about.

But a little guidance goes a long way. And specialist guidance that comes from learning from industry experts is a whole other game. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of the most specialised, affordable and fun learning experiences in the fields of game, art and films head over to the programs section of MAGES and take your pick!

You won’t be disappointed.



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